Healing Sound Bath

A deeply healing sound bath to relax and de-stress ready for the weekend


£15.00 per person




Once a month

About this experience

A sound bath is a deeply healing form of sound healing

You'll be immersed in beautiful sound that will send you into profound relaxation.  Sound healing has been shown to immediately reduce and relieve stress, anxiety and high blood pressure.

The sound waves stimulate the immune system, offering improved sleep and a wonderful sense of calm.

We use crystal singing bowls, a symphonic gong, tibetan bowls and other fabulous instruments

No experience is needed - everyone can benefit and it's one of the most accessible forms of meditation, a unique experience for both body and mind.

Refreshments will be available after the sound bath.

Your Host

Host image

Owner of Yoga Stuff, Ilona offers sound healing in addition to her yoga teaching. She loves the effect sound healing has - different for everyone but absolutely what they need. She specialises in crystal singing bowls, gongs and chimes.